Wandel derives from Mandel Bread (first cousins with the biscotti). Unlike traditional Mandel Bread, which is twice baked, Wandel is once baked and its texture resembles that of a blondie. Wandel is softer than a biscotti and heartier than a cookie.

Mandel Bread (or Mandelbrot) is a type of cookie found in Jewish Cuisine that is twice baked.

Wandel can be eaten at any point in the day. Pair it with your morning cup of coffee or tea at breakfast. Fuel on Wandel bites before a workout. Snack on a bite later in the afternoon. Crumble it over some ice cream for an after dinner dessert. Throw the bites in a bowl or serve the loaves on a plate or platter.

Store in either the packaging (closed) or tightly sealed container. 

Yes! For months on end. Wandel can also be thawed and served in its packaging.

Not yet, but will be in the future.

Not yet, but will be in the future.

Stephanie does with the help of her friends in a commercial kitchen located in Harlem. Learn more about our story.

When ordering Wandel through the site, we ship nationwide. NYC pick up locations to come soon.

Not yet. We are currently shipping nationwide and hope to expand to international destinations soon.

Within two business days (give or take) once Wandel is shipped out. Wandel orders are shipped out WED-FRI except on special days around the holidays.

Shop Wandel in person at one of our retail partners or shop online and request a local Brooklyn pickup.


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